The methodological basis of the technology of medical licensing examinations is the state standards of higher education in Ukraine, the requirements of which are determined by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 7, 1998, No. 1247 "On the Development of State Standards for Higher Education", which are consistent with international standards ISO and EC and Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.The technological basis for medical licensed exams is standardized testing, which requires the presence of four main components:

  • Bank of standardized test tasks;
  • test to be built in accordance with the purpose and structure of the test content;
  • standardized testing procedure ;
  • standardized processing and analysis of results .

For the implementation of medical licensed test exams as a means of diagnosing the quality of training specialists for the healthcare sector in Ukraine, a software and hardware complex for supporting standardized testing technology, called the Standard Test, was developed .

The Standart Test system is intended for the organization and support of the testing process, which takes place in a blank form with computer scanning of results and processing in normative terms of the data in the volume of the industry level. The system has advanced tools for processing and analyzing test results and can be used at all stages of testing. Basic operating systems:

  • forming a bank of test tasks;
  • examination of test tasks;
  • creating a test for the exam;
  • formation of a bank of students undergoing testing;
  • initial processing of test results of students;
  • analysis of test results;
  • calculation of psychometric indices of a test and test tasks, preparation of a statistical test certificate;
  • preparation and printing of reports on the results of testing, etc.

The work of the system is carried out in the form of a closed technological cycle, due observance of which ensures the formation of a qualitative test and the use of test results to improve the educational process.