Wholesale / Discounts:

  • 10% discount  when ordering from 20 pieces of one item.
  • 20% discount  when ordering from 50 pieces of one item.

* Wholesale prices are automatically calculated when placing an order on  krok123.in.ua !!!


Methods of delivery and payment:

  • Delivery by new mail, cash on delivery. Delivery cost from 65 UAH.  Payment is made at the post office after inspection of the goods.  Please note that according to the tariffs of the mail, the buyer, in addition to delivering the order to the office, additionally pays the money back service, which isan additional 25 UAH and 2% of the order amount!
  • Shipping by new mail, card payment .  Delivery cost from 40 UAH.   Payment is fully prepaid on the card. To get a card number, place an order through the site and after verifying your order, the manager will contact you and provide the card number.

     Delivery of an order for the amount of 500 UAH and more is FREE of charge on condition of full prepayment on the card!
    If payment is by mail, then delivery is always at the customer's expense !!!

The official site is testcentr.org.ua. As for krok123.in.ua - we only print tests for the convenience of preparing for the exam, the tests were once downloaded from the official website