The first step in preparing for licensing exams is the systematic study and repetition of the training material. We advise you to use textbooks / tutorials, educational textbooks that are recommended to you in the process of studying at a higher education institution (ZVO), materials of the most authoritative world Internet resources, etc.

On its website in the section "Preparing for the exam", the Testing Center publishes the "zero version" (in each test task, the correct answer A) of the exam booklets for the last three years. Please note that from 2019 on the site of the Testing Center will be published TEST TEST TESTS, which will contain the test tasks of the exam booklets of the last two years that have appropriate psychometric indicators. Content will be updated every year. Examples of test tasks will be grouped into blocks according to medical profiles in accordance with the structure of the test content. For example, for the exam, "Step 2. SLL" - therapeutic, surgical, pediatric, obstetric and gynecological profiles and OCD, hygiene. Published examples of test tasks are the study material, 

If you need to get acquainted with booklets of past years, we advise you to apply to the Dean's Office of Death, as after the exam, the exam booklets remain in the ZOO.